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Front cover-Tiernan and neighboring families

Table of Contents and Neighboring Families

List of Figures and Photos

  1. County Meath History
  2. Land Leases, Labor, Economy
  3. Catholic Persecution, Parishes, Church Records
  4. Michael Duffy & Ann Cormick
  5. St. Lawrence Region History
  6. Frontier Conditions, Early Settlers
  7. Voyage to America, River Travel on the St. Lawrence
  8. Settlers from Navan and Westmeath
  9. Settlers from Kellystown and Rathkenny
  10. Ireland 1820-1845
  11. The Famine Years
  12. Thomas Tiernan & Bridget Duffy
  13. Philip Martin & Bridget Mooney
  14. Andrew Tiernan & Mary Ann Martin
  15. James Dunigan & Hannorah Meehan
  16. Morris McNulty Sr. & Mary Haley
  17. Michael Dunigan & Eliza McNulty & Bridget Nulty
  18. Thomas Murphy & Ann Brady
  19. Thomas Murphy & Mary Dunigan
  20. Philip Tiernan & Mary Anne Murphy
  21. Marion Tiernan & Angelo Vincent Carletta
Marion Tiernan family - Pedigree Chart

An in-depth history of Irish immigrants to Saint Lawrence County, New York

Part genealogy and part history, this book tells the fascinating story of Marion Tiernan’s family, emigrants from County Meath, Ireland, who arrived in northern New York beginning in the 1820s. Among the earliest settlers of Waddington, Madrid, and Norfolk, their stories unfold with descriptions of their home parishes, journey to New York, and life on the frontier. Family histories complete the stories of the settlers and identify their occupations and achievements. The final chapter reveals Marion’s own journey, from the Bellhurst Club in Geneva, New York, to Miami Beach, Lake Tahoe, and Carson City. All readers who are descendants of these families will discover their Irish roots, and family history researchers will profit from the broad picture of Irish settlement in Saint Lawrence County and numerous connections to sources in Ireland.

The Table of Contents lists historical topics and families in Marion Tiernan’s line. Family history sketches for neighboring families are included in Chapters 8 and 9.

Neighboring Families

From Navan and Westmeath

Christopher Fay b1793 & Bety Eliza Fay b1796
Lawrence Fay b1793 & Ann Waldon b1801
William Gorman b1784 & Catherine F. Miles b1793
Charles Fay b 1788 & Elizabeth Murry b1788
Patrick McKanna b1789 & Bridget McKanna b1798
Peter Dalton b1752 & Nancy Naulty b1764
Matthew W. Dalton b1829
Michael Martin b1781 & Elizabeth Parkinson b1786
James Parkinson b1762

From Kellystown and Rathkenny

Matthew Hughes b1771 & Bridget Traynor b1765
Richard O’Brien b1795 & Mary L. b1790
Patrick O’Brien b1789 & Mary b1800
James O’Brien b1799 & Margaret Hughes b1810
Thomas Tiernan b1765 & Margaret Downey b1775
Andrew Tiernan b1836 & Julia E. Hughes b1836
Patrick Tiernan b1796 & Catherine Nulty b1794

Settlers of the Louisville Township

Michael Clements b1801 & Hanora Snee b1798
John Barry b1812 & Margaret Clements b1820
James Mulhair b1816 & Bridget Clements b1826
William Dunigan b1821 & Catherine Clements b1832
John Murphy b1830 & Ann Ruth Clements b1833
William O’Brien b1818 & Jane Flynn b1836
George O’Brien b1877
Ethel O’Brien Brennan b1882

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